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Waterproof cases come with the most amazing features that are worth to die for. These can be best described as multi-purpose cases that provide safety and security to your most prized possessions. Let us have a look at what the product has to offer in detail:

WPC Different Colours
WPC in Water
WPC Under Water
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Waterproof Cell phone case Details

  •      It is waterproof, sand proof, dust proof, snow proof and acts as a shield from various other harmful surroundings.
  •      It guards against scratches and damages.
  •      It can be used to shield cell phones, cameras, camcorders, iPods, PSPs, music players, keys, wallets and the like.
  •      It has two zip locks and two snap buttons. These ensure extra safety from water and dust.
  •      It floats in water even though it may be containing a heavy item inside.
  •      It can really come handy especially when you are out swimming, fishing, camping etc as it protects your gadget from water and dust. You can also listen to your favorite music while snowboarding, floating on water, or shoot videos or click pictures; there are endless possibilities.
  •      The waterproof case has two clear displays.
  •      The clear front display allows you to easily operate your touch screen products even when they are inside it.
  •      The clear back display allows you to take pictures from phones having camera at their rear end.
  •      Neck strap can be tightened as per your requirement. So if you want the strap to fit around your wrist, you would have no problem doing that.
  •      The length of the neck strap is about 65 cm and can be detached from the case with much ease.
  •      The dimension of the case is more or less 208 mm by 125 mm.
  •      All smart phones can easily fit into it.
  •      It is a brand new, high quality product and its durability is worth praising.
  •      Its quality is superior to other such cases available in the market.
  •      It is available in Red, Pink, Black and Blue colors. Otherwise you have the option of purchasing a clear one too which has no color.

Other than that, the product is affordable and will make for an inexpensive buy. Moreover, it is suitable for carrying not only a cell phone but many other items too. Because of its size, it is easy to spot it and thus you will never ever have any difficulty locating your car keys or wallet, etc.